Sustainable Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is the only way!

At Byora Homes, we bring out products made of sustainable and eco-friendly materials such as Wood, Marble, Ceramic, Sabai grass and many more. Our goal is to develop accessories made of such sustainable materials for a more greener and conscious living. And, it doesn’t stop there, we are a 100% plastic-free brand, even our packaging is eco-friendly; we use accessories such as newspaper, paper bubble wrap, brown sheets, water activated paper tapes and other accessories.




Our meticulous eco-friendly packaging necessitates a series of difficult steps.

  • For all of our sustainable and eco-friendly accessories, we use corrugated 5-ply and 3-ply boxes. We use these thick-ply corrugated (made of paper and cardboard) boxes to provide strength and prevent damage to the box during transportation.
  • Our entire product line is packaged in layers of material –

Newspapers are layered on top of a thin brown sheet layer that’s been previously used to pack the product.
After that, we utilize a paper roll made of honeycomb bubble wrap as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic bubble wrap.
To give the product the ideal strength, this paper bubble roll is wrapped around it at least three to four times.
Once these products are layered up, they are tied with jute laces and put in corrugated boxes.

  • Water-activated paper tapes are used to seal the corrugated box. After being taped, the product is placed inside the box with paper fills so that it is tightly packed and there is no movement inside the box, making the shipping of that product more secure and robust.
  • To verify the strength of the packing, every one of our shipments is put through a drop test, which entails dropping the product from different heights and angles.
  • At Byora Homes, we strive to provide our clients with the best possible products and packaging. Through such steps, we hope to give our customers a greener way of life.

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