Our Storyline

We are a home décor company situated in Ahmedabad, the first heritage city of India.

India, our golden legacy, a place rich in diversity, customs, and festivals; we, at Byora Homes, wish to instill this level of craftsmanship and craft heritage in all of our products so that they can reach a global audience. It is simply not a purchase; it is adorning a part of India in your homes. Our objective is to foster India’s traditional crafts, the skilled artisans, and bridge the gap between the artisans and the consumers.

The backbone of Byora Homes is the organic cycle between the craftsman, nature, and the Indian heritage, and devoted consumers of Byora Homes are the biggest supporters of this cycle! We will constantly strive to provide you with thoughtfully designed, sustainable accessories


Our beliefs

Luxury is in each detail.

As the name implies, Byora means ‘details’ (in Hindi).

We specialize in home decor, tabletop and desktop accessories.

At Byora Homes, it’s all about perusing the smallest of detail, subtle nuances and further aiming to deliver ergonomically designed accessories to the consumers.

A Step Towards Sustainable Living.

Selling is elementary, advertising is fundamental, and cognizant marketing is customary. Byora Homes strives to market without ambiguity; providing accurate product information and raising product awareness are essential under Byora Homes. We aim at employing sustainable materials that endure for a long time and have a positive impact on the end-user.

Byora Homes aspires to give correct lifestyle solutions to its clients and customers through ergonomic design and the usage of sustainable materials. The significance of design specificity is paramount at Byora Homes; the whole paraphernalia of a particular product (color, material, texture, usage) is studied and researched thoroughly before its introduction. Exceptional craftsmanship and provenance go through all of our products.

Use sustainable byoramade merchandise to add elegance to your homes and improve your living!


Riya Bhansali
Anmol Mehta

Discover. Design. Develop.

Specialized in home decor, we as Lifestyle Accessory Designers look forward to working with something contemporary and develop products that could better one’s lifestyle.

Every challenge is an opportunity to learn something new, which is something we intend to pursue at Byora Homes.

Deluxe. Dexterous. Diligence. Diverse. Dynamic.

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